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places for fixing bicycles were opened in Douma during the war, adding that maintenance workers used to charge very high fees for fixing the bicycles, whose prices have jumped 10 folds during the war.He said that he used to buy fuel in plastic cans for his motorcycle but when it got so expensive, he parked it and started using both the electric bicycl▓e and the regular one."Bicycles have not only become the main transportation for regular people but also for workers who move stuff fro▓m one place to another but of course lite

stuff only," the man said.For the people in Douma, ▓the transportation at this moment is important but t▓he more important thing is food, which has started enteri

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ng Douma at prices supported ▓by the government, contrary to the rebel times whe▓n the militants used to stockpile food in their warehouses while giving so lit▓tle to the people at high prices.During a visit for Xinhua and other media outlets to Douma on Su

nday, people were lined up to receive free bread bundles provided by▓ the government.Also trucks of foods, l▓ike potato, tomato and cucumber, were s▓een selling food items for the civilians at low prices.People were seen carrying heavy bags of potato while expressing re▓lief that they

could finally buy food at low prices, as everything was extremely expensive du▓ring the rebels' control in Douma also due ▓to the siege that was imposed on that area and other rebel▓-held areas in East

ern Ghouta.Since▓ fully capturing it from the rebels early April, the gover▓nment made several moves to alleviate the suffering of the people who have been largely affe▓cted by the war there.A mobile oven has been sent to D